What is Sound Improv Live!?

A live radio show featuring vocal improvisers from around the Puget Sound. Airing 9 to 10 PM on the Second Sunday of each month on the Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange radio station SPACE 101.1 FM LP-FM Seattle. 

What is Sound Improv?

 A form of improvisation centered on making sound

What is Sound Improv . Org?

A community of improvisers and those who love them in the Pacific Northwest



Alexis, Ines Andrade, Cindy Atman, Kendall Bercherer, Van Calvez, Christine Castigliano, Dharma Dailey, Brian Gunter, Quinn Gunter, Chris Hille, Christine Iwanyk, Travis Johnson, Liz Kohlenberg, Megan Leigh, Marline Lesh, Thea Mounts, Cindy Pickreign, Wendy Roldan, Sherry Serra, Christian Swenson, Kate Thompson, Debby Boland Watt, Aliko Weste


Props to 

Mike Fuller, engineering support; Tom Killorin, show concept, Joel Maddox, Jack Straw Cultural Center, audio recording

Video: Annie & Shuante Smith, Aliko Weste

Images: Quinn Gunter, Aliko Weste.








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Improv thrives on connection: 

Cat Herders

Brian Gunter

Dharma Dailey