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You can't do THAT in improv!

Join us September 8, 2019, 9:00 to 10:00pm on SPACE 101.1 FM Seattle for Sound Improv Live! 

The theme for this show is “You can’t do THAT in improv!”, featuring improv pieces that have the feel of composition.

Featuring selections from mostly vocal, mostly improv jams recorded at Jack Straw Cultural Center on 7/01/19 and 7/08/19. With Angela Castañeda, Christine Castigliano, Dharma Dailey, Steve Deutsch, Todd Keeling, Liz Kohlenberg, Kristina Lee, Cindy Pickreign, Sherry Serra, Christian Swenson & Debby Boland Watt.

Here is a link to the station’s live stream: